The Kingdom of Cratus is a considered by many to be the trading capital of all Torifell. The kingdom itself stretches across the land from the sea to the south, up to the small town of Taleah to the north. The kingdom lies on the east side of the bay and river.

Although it is the richest and most exquisite civilization, the Cratusian military is minimalistic and weak compared to it’s neighboring kingdoms.

The populace of Cratus is dominated by roughly 50% human and 50% dwarf inhabitants, with very few minorities of other races among them. Although, there is no discrimination in Cratus. Their philosophy is that coin is all that matters, not the skin.

The Cratusian navy is large and sprawling. With only a sufficient amount of warships for protection from pirates, most of their ships are designed for cargo transportation to and from trade partners.

King Aradus is the old, morbidly obese ruler of the kingdom, with an oldest son, Tercius, the heir to the throne, and his youngest son, Marcus.


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