Tyre is an aggressive kingdom that prides itself on possessing the most powerful military in all of known civilization. The kingdom itself spans from the river all the way south to the tip of the peninsula. Populated almost completely by humans, Tyrians are known world-wide for their masterfully crafted weaponry and devastatingly powerful Navy.

The flagship Retribution is a colossus of a battleship, and the pride of the royal Tyrian navy. She has seen many battles, never having met her match as a warship. Pirates avoid this monstrous vessel at all costs. At the moment, Admiral Malia is in command of the Retribution.

Tyre does not associate with neighboring kingdoms, or take part in any trading. The kingdom prefers to remain independent, and as individually strong as it can be.

Tyre is currently on the brink of war with its neighboring kingdom to the north, Alympia.


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